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One of Ivan Correa’s images from the current show at Zygote press. Ivan is an artist from Chile. He’s in Cleveland with the Creative Fusion program started by the Cleveland Foundation and is being hosted by my print Co-Op Zygote Press. I feel lucky that Zygote press has chosen me to work with Ivan. Here you can see one of the images we worked on together.
Ivan typically makes etchings, dry points, and lithographs. My strong suits are screen printing, digital printing, and letterpress so I was excited that Ivan approached me about producing a series of screen prints. The drawings he made for the show were small very very detailed works. As soon as I saw his drawings I wanted to see them larger - much Larger. This photo shows one of Ivan’s drawings that we enlarged from roughly 4”x6” to 19” x 30”. Most of his works in the show are screen prints, and these are the first screen prints of his artwork that he’s ever made.
As soon as we pulled the first print of this larger size we knew we hit the mark. Ivan commented, “When you enlarge a drawing you expose its flaws. I’m very pleased that my drawings still look really great even at this massive size.”
I’m pleased that Ivan plans to incorporate more screen printing into his print shop in Chile. We still have over a month to continue this series of prints together. Stay tuned for more photos and new prints!

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I’ll be in Toledo again for this years election effort. I’m working with the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. We’ve already registered nearly 41,000 voters in the all important state of Ohio. I just set up our office at SEIU Local 1. I love their collection of posters.

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For those of you that don’t know yet, I’m organizing an artist expedition to Wyoming this summer. 8 artists will be spending 2 weeks there camping and hiking in some of America’s last great wilderness. Please stop by our Kickstarter page and consider backing this awesome project!


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Rock Creek Wyoming Benefit Print. Check out this amazing place we’ll be visiting this summer!

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"Deep" - Fine Art Print Release
My latest limited edition fine-art print for sale is titled simply “Deep”. This print of the Grand Canyon measures 26”x40”. I’m offering a sweet deal on this one: The print custom framed with your choice of natural, whitewash or black finish for $250! (Framed size is roughly 31”X46”) 
I recommend letting me frame this print since the cost of framing a print of this size can be very high and my frames are of very high quality. I use hand picked wormy maple that I mill from it’s rough state and conservation quality materials including 100% cotton rag museum board for mounting. In other words, you can pick up one of my large sized works ready to hang for $250 out the door! If you’ve been waiting to buy one of my larger artworks this might be your chance!
I’m taking orders now so let me know if you’re interested. I’m happy to give quotes for shipping. I’ve attached a more in-depth description of the piece below. 
Also, the rumors are true. I’m organizing an Artist Expedition this summer to Wyoming - 8 artists, two weeks in the deep desert, one awesome show! It’s going to be really amazing so watch for the launch announcement and the gallery openings this fall. 
Thanks again for all of your past support, and I hope this note finds you doing well.
JD Lehrer
  • 26”x40” 2 color serigraph
  • Limited Edition of 53
  • Printed on Legion 100% cotton rag paper.
  • Framing Options Available
About This Print

My first trip to the Grand Canyon was back during my college days at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Two close friends flew into town from Ohio, and we then did a circle that included the south rim and some tributaries. The Grand Canyon should really be called “Grand Canyons” because each tributary carves its own chasm and then dumps into the Colorado River. 

The River is visible, but it takes time to follow the Canyon walls down to the thin ribbon that forms “U” shaped bends. The real shock for me came when we were driving east around the Canyon and stopped near the side of the road. There was nobody there. It was dead silent. Just the burned out hulk of an old abandoned vehicle near the straight many hundreds of feet drop down. We all eased slowly to the edge. The sudden gusts of wind making us shy away from the cliff and causing stomach flutters. It was a fraction the size of the overlook at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. 

That was the moment I began to understand the Grand Canyon’s massiveness. It would take months or maybe years to really explore and understand that place. I almost named this print “The Place Everyone Should Visit at Least Once” but instead chose the easier to write title “Deep”. I went back and hand painted the river with silver shimmer ink. I like that you might not notice the river the first time you see this print.  
As many of you know, I’m crazy about borders on my artwork. The border on this print was inspired by one of my all-time favorite books, The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Momaday. His father did some line drawings for the book and this border is inspired by one of those drawings. 
I hope you get the chance to experience the Canyon in solitude. My advice is to pack a lunch and spend the day just sitting in a quiet spot at the edge of the Canyon or hiking a less traveled route. If you have the time, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is less crowded and cooler in the summer. I recommend it.  
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The Toledo museum of art rocks! Seriously. It’s beyond awesome.

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SB 5 goes down. Victory party in Toledo.

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I’m watching Sharon jones and the dap kings right now at the beachland ballroom and celebrating my birthday. Best live show I’ve ever seen!

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